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When Can My Child Be Tested for Giftedness?

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IQ Testing for Babies

Children under the age of 2 cannot be evaluated with IQ testing. To be tested, children must be verbal and able to talk. Even if a baby is verbally advanced, IQ tests are not designed for children this young.

Signs of Giftedness in Babies

While there are no IQ tests designed to test babies, there are some signs to look for if you think your infant is gifted. Signs of a gifted infant include extreme alertness, ability to remain calm while awake for longer periods of time, and heightened sensitivity to sensory stimulation. They also seem to need less sleep as well, which may not be good news for tired parents.

What to Do for Your Baby

So, what should parents do if they believe their baby is advanced? Treat a gifted baby just like any other infant. Read to them. Play with them.

Provide plenty of stimulation through music, books, and games—the things every baby needs to be engaged and explore their world. Keep in mind, however, a baby who is gifted may need more stimulation than other babies their age.

IQ Testing for Toddlers

Theoretically, verbal children around the ages of 2 or 3 can be tested for giftedness, but it's likely they don't need to be. More importantly, results at this age may not necessarily be accurate—nor are IQ test results stable among very young children, meaning that the score your child gets at age 2 might be quite different from the score they get at age 6.3

Signs of Giftedness in Toddlers

Gifted toddlers have some of the same characteristics as gifted babies, including a strong urge to explore and inspect their environment, reaching developmental milestones early, and less of a need for sleep.

IQ Testing for Preschoolers

The Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI) is one of the leading tests for intelligence used among children ages 2 years 6 months to 7 years 7 months. While IQ tests can be administered at this age, researchers agree results for children up to the age of 6 are not always accurate.

Signs of Giftedness in Preschoolers

At this age, gifted children display many of the same traits of giftedness as younger children: immense curiosity, advanced memory and language skills compared to other kids their age, and the ability to think critically.

IQ Testing for School-Age Kids

The optimum time to test for giftedness is between the ages of 5 and 8 when test results are necessary to advocate for kids at school. An intelligence quotient (IQ) test measures the person's ability to reason. Most IQ test scores are determined using a baseline score of 100, which would be the average number where most scores would fall.

The greater the deviation on the higher end, the more gifted a person is. But not every gifted person is alike. There are categories of giftedness, depending on how far the score deviates from the norm. Consider that a person who scores between 115 and 129 is considered mildly gifted, while a person who scores 180 or higher is profoundly gifted.

Achievement tests are another way to gauge giftedness in school-age children. Achievement tests measure what the child already knows, especially children who may not necessarily earn high grades, but do excel at standardized tests.



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