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Play and Creativity

Play - non-structured, free activity, the spontaneous activity of children has value beyond entertaining the children who indulge in it. Children playing use their imagination to create a reality in their play. Children playing display intuition - understanding without apparent effort, quick and ready insight seemingly independent of previous experiences or empirical - the key words here are 'seemingly independent of previous experience - children know things that we don't - they may be made up things, but they are 'made up' by their imagination.

The fact that children are much more willing to experiment means that what began as playing one thing can end up playing something completely different.

Through collaborative play activities, children create fantasy-type enactments by using abstract transformations and verbal meta-communications.

Adults are normally far too inhibited to indulge in such behavior - we grow out of it - we don't play - actually we do, but we call it other things - We amuse oneself, be the life of party, caper, carouse, carry on, cavort, clown, cut capers, dally, dance, fool around, go on a spree, horse around, joke, let go, let loose, let one's hair down, make merry, mess around, revel, romp, show off, skip, sport, toy, trifle - one thing you will notice about all those terms for play is that they involve being silly, in some way, or showing off, being extrovert, or inebriated or foolish in some way.

Children's play is not like that - watch your own kids play - sometimes they are deadly serious - acting out learned or improvised scripts that are real to the play and the players.

It is in transforming one situation into another that children create, and although it may not make much sense to adult onlookers - parents, it will do for the participants.

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