Cultivating the Imagination

Think about it a minute: Can you see, hear, touch or taste imagination? Of course not. It isn’t something that is based on the senses, something concrete that can be verified by experience. Rather it is an abstract idea, something based on ideas, something that involves a recombination of information provided by the senses. Use of the imagination requires manipulation, rearrangement and construction of ideas. It involves the ability to see things in a different way or to put old visions into a new format.

This is not to suggest that a rich sensory experience is not important if we are to help our children cultivate the imagination. Indeed, it is very important. Imagine for a moment that you are the first person ever to build a bridge over water. To “imagine” such a structure, you probably would have to have seen some sort of improvised path, maybe nothing more than logs pushed together. But you would also need to have seen vertical supports—tree trunks, perhaps—pushed into the ground to help hold up an improvised shelter in the trees.

Suddenly you put those two visual experiences together with the aid of an idea that comes to you without benefit of sensory input. “Hey. Maybe we can build a path that would take us over the water.” That is imagination at work. Scientists use it to develop their ideas before they test them experimentally, and artists use it to put their stamp on their creations.

source: fisher-price

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